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There are so many bloggers making a positive impact on the world.  Here is where I share some information about them and a link to their websites.  Support them by visiting their page and joining the conversation, then pass it forward.

Put on Your Big Girl Lipstick. Elizabeth is a Southern girl, Atlanta born-and-bred with a little Latina (“en mi corazon,”) as she spent 5 years living and teaching in Quito, Ecuador. While she is in her 19th year of teaching high school Language Arts, her very first passion in life was all things beauty. She had the privilege of both working in retail cosmetics and doing freelance jobs.  Simply, she loves to talk and write about everything, cosmetics or otherwise, that is beautiful, useful, or unique.


Sunny and Joi.  Two profoundly, absurd perspectives on life, love, and the pursuit of happiness.  Sunny and Joi started their blog with no theme in mind.  Their thoughts are completely random as they believe that they are random and so is life.  They hope that their opinions on everything will move you to laugh, scream, cry or maybe find comfort in knowing that they are just as illogically passionate as you are about the most seemingly, insignificant things!

Good Thing

Good Thing LLC is a blog that seeks to empower single professional women, to balance their professionalism, overcome the fears and challenges of dating relationships and prepare for long lasting love relationships.  With so many women experiencing the same challenges, fears and dating issues, this blog is a safe, open environment to give women, young and wise, a platform to share their thoughts and opinions. This blog is meant to empower, encourage, and support single professional women of all ages in their endeavors and to ensure that they know they are a Good Thing!

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